How to Send Money to Nepal


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Easy registration process. Create an account and upload your identification documents.
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Process your payment through POLi Payment to have your funds taken directly from your account.
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Request for transfer of $2,500 AUD at realtime exchange rate of XX .


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How do we transfer your money?
When you choose to transfer your money to Nepal through us, we facilitate the transfer using POLi payment; a quick, easy and secure payment provider. POLi payment is an online payment service in Australia and New Zealand. POLi removes the need to use a credit or debit card, or other facility, to transfer money overseas. Instead, you money can be transferred overseas directly from your bank account, making the whole transaction process seamless.
How long does it take for the funds to reach Nepal?
POLi will instantaneously transfer the funds from Australia to the nominated Nepalese bank account. The funds will become available to the recipient within 60 seconds of the transfer taking place!
Is my information secure?
The security of your information is POLi’s first priority. POLi doesn’t store any of your sensitive information and you do not need to register with POLi to transfer your money. POLi are committed to maintaining high security standards through regular security reviews.
What if my POLi payment is declined?
We don’t have access to POLi’s systems or data and will not be able to see why a payment is declined. If your payment has been declined, please contact your bank for further information.
Will I be charged fees for using POLi?
No. When sending money to Nepal, neither us nor POLi payments will charge any fees. There are no hidden fees or charges.