We’re changing the way people send money.

City Express Money Transfer Australia was established in July 2019 and is the first authorised Australian provider of legal remittance services to Nepal.

Our mission

We are committed to investing in technology to make transferring money as easy and efficient as possible.

With our website and app, users are able to complete transactions any where, any time! We are proud to be the first Australian provider of these services, and with number of transactions facilitated by us increasing daily, there are no signs of slowing down!

We're here to provide cost effective and hassle free remittance services to the customers, riding with innovative and latest technology.

Transactions every 24 hours
in transfers per month
New users monthly

Founded company

First authorised Australian provider of legal remittance services to Nepal.

Released mobile app

Allowing customers to send money easily from mobile devices.

Released new platform

Migrated customers to new currency transfer platform with support for multiple currencies.

Expanded currency support

Business customers provided with multiple currency options.

Our team

Our Australian founders, Goba and Samip Katuwal, recognised that the Australian market lacked the capability to transfer funds from Australia to Nepal and City Express Money Transfer was created to fill that gap!

  • Goba Katuwal

    Business Advisor

  • Samip Katuwal


  • Shruti Rokaya

    Business Analyst and Communication Officer

    0452 338 954

  • Bisesh Gautam

    Marketing Officer