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Mitchell Musarra - CEO at MJWebs

Mitchell Musarra

Dec 31, 2020

Two Minutes Instant Deposit

Details of all Parties need to be correct

  • Senders details Includes: Name, Address, Correct ID, Correct ID information, Proof of Secure Money transfer on City Express Australia’s provided Banking Details, Correct Email address of Sender, Correct Phone Number of Sender.
  • Beneficiaries Detail include: Correct Account Holder’s Name of Beneficiary, Correct Bank Account Number of Beneficiary, Correct name of Beneficiary, Correct Address of Beneficiary, Correct Email address of Beneficiary, Correct Phone Number of Beneficiary, Correct Relationship status of Sender and Beneficiary.

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal will require at least 1 Business Day to transfer your funds from Australia to Nepal.

If there are any technological errors due Hosting, Banking Systems, System Failure, System Hacks, please expect additional time to transfer your funds.

If there are any holidays or closures in Nepal, it may take additional time to transfer your money from Australia to Nepal. Holidays include Public Holidays. Strikes include Banking Strike or Road Protests that may affect the banking operations in Nepal.