Simple International Money Transfer


🇫🇰 AUD
Converstion Rate:
$1 AUD = 4.55 CNY
Service Fee:
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  • Arrival within 1-2 days
  • No fees for first transfer
  • No fees for transfers over $10,000

Join thousands of Australians who choose City Express for fast and secure online money transfers.

  • AUSTRAC Certified
  • Veriff™ eKYC
  • Bank-grade security

How to send money with City Express

1. Sign up & verify your account

City Express uses Veriff - you can be rest assured your data is safe.

2. Fund your virtual wallet

Transfer funds to your virtual wallet using bank transfer or PayID.






City Express Australia

AUD Balance

+ $2,000

3. Submit transfer

Create a beneficiary, choose send amount, transfer reason and source of funds.






4. View transfer status

Keep track of the transfer status in real-time and download a receipt.

How long will a money transfer take?

On many popular routes, City Express can send your money within one day, as a same day transfer, or even an instant money transfer.

Your transfer route

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How do we transfer your money?
When you choose to transfer your money overseas through us, we firstly verify your virtual wallet balance in AUD, then facilitate the transfer using our global payout partners. City Express Australia provides you with a unique BSB and account number including PayID meaning that there is no need to use a credit or debit card to transfer money overseas. Instead, you money can be transferred overseas directly from your bank account, making the whole transaction process seamless.
How long does it take for the funds to reach my beneficiary?
Once your transfer is submitted, we will instantly send the transfer instruction to one of our payout providers. In some cases, your funds will become available to the recipient within 60 seconds of the transfer taking place!
Is my information secure?
The security of your information is our first priority. By funding your virtual wallet through bank transfer or PayID, your online banking account details are kept secure. City Express Australia is committed to maintaining high security standards through regular security reviews.
What if my bank transfer bounces back?
We recommend double-checking the BSB and account number on your wallet page (if using bank transfer) or PayID email address to ensure you have entered the correct information. Alternatively, if your transfer has been declined multiple times, please contact your bank for further information.
Will I be charged fees for funding my virtual wallet?
No. When you fund your virtual wallet using bank transfer or PayID there are no hidden fees or charges.

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